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2016 Sedan Choices

Which 2016 Sedan is right for you?

Sedans are one of the most popular vehicles for a number of reasons including their size, big enough for most day to day activities, small enough to ensure decent fuel economy.  Due to the prevalence of sedans, there are a number of different models, makes and manufactures to choose from. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to read through all the data and pick the best car for you. No need to look any further as the professionals at TriState Auto Champs have done the hard work for you. Below are five of our best sedan picks. The ratings have been decided with five key points, price, fuel economy, safety rating, mechanical features, and overall customer satisfaction.

2016 Ford Fusion: MSRP $26,115

Easily the most popular sedan, the Ford Fusion is an excellent choice for both the city dwellers and their suburban counterparts. The design of the Fusion combines the attractiveness of a minimal design with the sharp handling and stability Ford prides itself on. The Fusion provides a luxury driving experience, due to the quiet cabin and quality materials, at a very reasonable price. Additionally, the Fusion gives the buyer a number of options when it comes to engines, offering turbocharged four cylinder selections and two hybrid models, both a traditional hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. Depending on the model, drivers can expect anywhere from 25 mpg, on a standard four-cylinder, up to 42 mpg with the traditional hybrid model. The Fusion offers both AWD and FWD, making it a great choice regardless of weather conditions. The tech on this model is fairly standard; MYFord Touch interface allows users to control various audio, climate, navigation and phone tasks. There is the option to upgrade to automatic parallel parking, an especially nice feature if all five seats are occupied. Rounding out the features is a five star Government Crash Rating and an IIHS Top Safety Pick award making the Ford Fusion a frontrunner.

2016 Honda Accord: MSRP $29,390

The Honda Accord may be more humble in appearance and options than the Fusion, but for almost forty years it has been leading the industry in mid-sized sedans. The 2016 model yet again sets the standard of what a sedan should be. While many of the features of the 2016 model mirror those of older generations, buyers can expect modern styling. New technical features make the most out of both Apple and Android phones through a USB connection. The Accord provides a comfortable ride with a spacious feel for all five riders. The precision and responsive handling paired with the solid build, make a car that is safe and built to last. Historically, the Accord has always scored high in crash tests, making it a five star Government Crash Rating and is an IIHS Top Safety+ Pick. The Accord is a car that will maintain performance for years to come. Similar to the Fusion, the Accord pairs both efficiency and power with four and six-cylinder engines available, in addition to the two hybrid options. The fuel economy will range between 26-47 mpg depending on the engine choice.

2016 Toyota Camry: MSRP $24,675

The Camry has been a favorite with customers for years due to its competitive pricing and Toyota’s reputation within the industry. However, the 2016 Camry blew other models out of the water after a number of extensive improvements. In 2016, the Camry saw changes in both the body structure and the suspension, producing a smoother, safer ride. Updates to the interior of the car included improved material quality and the addition of Entune touchscreen interface. The new interface comes standard with the Camry. Entune is intuitive and incredibly user-friendly, more so than the interfaces of the Fusion and the Accord, making it a winner with customers of all ages. The Camry comes standard with a 2.5 liter four-cylinder engine with the option to upgrade to a six cylinder or hybrid model. Once again the fuel economy is wholly dependent on the engine choice with the average EPA fuel economy between 25-41 mpg respectively. Much like the cars above, the Camry has earned a five-star Government Crash Rating and is an IIHS Top Safety+ Pick. The Camry will provide a safe, quiet ride for five at a great price.

2016 Nissan Altima: MSRP $23,325

The Altima may have started as the smaller cheaper Maxima, but after a substantial amount of work Nissan has changed the image of the Altima. The Altima is no longer an afterthought, now a leader within the mid-sized industry, popular with both commercial and non-commercial buyers. At one of the lowest price points across the board, the Altima delivers a car that is enjoyable to drive, both comfortable and agile. Offering solid performance and decent fuel economy, between 22-38 mpg subject to the four or six-cylinder engine, the Altima is a logical choice. The technology is up to par with the Nissan’s more high-end models, with the option for remote ignition, an especially nice feature on those cold winter days. The Altima received perfect scores on the Government Crash Rating and is an IIHS Top Safety Pick and is a great option for those who want to blend power with safety. As one of the more stylish picks on this list, the Altima is most successful with new parents transitioning to a more family friendly car.

2016 Subaru Legacy: MSRP $24,940

The Legacy, much like many Subaru models, has always been a top choice within the auto industry. As far as sedans go, the Legacy is a clear choice. With AWD standard on even the most basic model and some of the most advanced safety features on the market, this car excels in the colder winter months. Subaru has always been popular within the Northeast and the Pacific Northwest for just this reason, but the generic look of the Legacy in the past has kept it from mass appeal. The 2016 redesign aims to combat its former somewhat plain nature to make it a major competitor within the mid-sized sedan market. The newest model features improved passenger and cargo space, improved fuel economy and upgrades to the cabin material. The legacy comes standard with a 2.5-liter four cylinder, with the option to upgrade to a 3.6-liter six-cylinder. There is a reason Subaru inspires brand loyalty, their cars are built to last and the Legacy is no different. The reason to choose the Legacy over other similar mid-sized sedans is its dependability paired with updated tech and a new sleek look. For those who prefer a more luxury feel, Subaru also offers limited and premium models. The EPA rates the four-cylinder Legacy at 30 mpg in combined driving, surprisingly efficient for a sedan with AWD. A five star Government Crash Rating paired with an IIHS Top Safety Pick+ solidify the Legacy as a top pick. There is no better way to drive into the New Year than with a new car. Whatever vehicle you choose, TriState Auto Champs is here to make sure you get the best price. Reach out to a professional today for additional information about any and all your car buying needs.