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The Four C’s of Credit

What are The Four C’s of Credit? Everyone knows that their credit score is crucial for getting a loan, especially one with a low interest rate. However, your credit score is not the only factor that banks and other lending institutions look at when considering you for a loan. Often times, lenders look at four…Read More

Top 5 Pros and Cons of New Car Leasing

What are the pros and cons of leasing a car? Tristate Auto Champs brings you another automotive leasing blog, giving you the top 5 Pros and Cons of leasing. We’ll provide the facts and let you decide about the importance and priority of these benefits to you. So, let’s dive in. What are the Pros…Read More

Why Car Leasing is so Popular?

Why is Car Leasing Popular? This past Mother’s Day the Tristate Auto Champs staff were out to dinner, and one of the staff members mother asked why so many people are leasing new cars compared to 20 years ago. While we all tried to answer her question, I realized every staff member had a different…Read More

How Car Leasing Works

How Car Leasing Works As with any business transaction, knowledge is power. The key to successful and smart auto leasing is understanding how the process works. Take the time to properly prepare yourself before making decisions, and learn to use leasing to your benefit. Tristate Auto Champs will do it’s best to simplify what a…Read More

Different Type of Leases

Different Types of Leases There are two basic forms of leasing available in today’s leasing arena: open-ended and closed-ended. Federal regulations require that the type of lease be clearly indicated on all consumer car lease agreements/contracts. Closed-end leases are the most commonly found contracts used in today’s automotive marketplace. In a closed-end lease agreement, the…Read More

Common Leasing Mistakes

Common Leasing Mistakes Consumers are our #1 priority here at Tristate Auto Champs. As your personal auto concierge it is our duty to give you the tools needed to get the best car deals. Today we are bringing you another blog for our leasing series. Enjoy our tips to help you on your next auto lease. With the help…Read More

Who Leases?

Who Leases? College Grads Leasing a car is more cost effective for the short term.  The payments are almost always lower.  If you cannot afford to put down money and pay the high monthly payments that accompany ownership, leasing can help bridge the gap until you are ready to buy.  Recent college graduates, and those…Read More

Car Tech

New cars are awesome for a number of reasons but today we are talking about the additional technology upgrades. Here is a rundown of TriState’s favorite upgrades for 2016. Rear-view Camera: Rear-view or backup cameras have become increasingly popular in the last five years. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is requiring the cameras…Read More


The allure of hybrids are clear, they save you money on gas, they’re better for the environment, and over time, they can save you on operating costs. Still, it is important to understand how hybrids work before running to the dealership. Here at TriState Auto Champs we want to make car buying easy, read below…Read More

Lease Equity

How your Lease can Make you Money We’ve covered all the great reasons to lease a car before, however, today we are going in-depth and discussing lease equity. This idea might sound strange but with some careful negotiations and research, leases are an incredibly savvy financial move. Understanding Leasing and Equity: The demand for used…Read More