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Auto Concierge Q & A with Andrew Spencer

When it comes to car buying you want to work with people you can trust. Here at TriState we want to give you the best experience and what better way than to introduce to our staff. Today, co-founder and customer service advocate Andrew Spencer will be giving you his unique perspective on auto concierge services and all things TriState. Andrew has brought his entrepreneurial spirit to TriState because he saw a gap in the market and knew he was up to the task of filling it. An auto concierge service was the best way for Andrew to combine his love of cars and his desire to help people. Below are some questions the professionals at TriState Auto Champs get asked regularly, Andrew has taken a turn giving his response today.

In your own words, how would you describe the job of an auto concierge? 

The job of an auto concierge is first and foremost to make sure the customer has the best purchase experience of their life. We protect our clients from all the pain points of the typical car buying experience while also getting them a price that only the most experienced grinders could come close to. It’s truly a win/win.

What are some common misconceptions about auto concierge services?

There are so many misconceptions about buying a car in general it’s hard to even know where to start. A common misconception for us is that we are a new concept and people think it’s too good to be true. I assure you however that it is not and our reviews speak to that.

Why go to a TriState auto champs versus buying a car on my own? 

First of all, we are going to get you a discount on your next car that otherwise would be impossible. Secondly, we save people hours of time. According to JD Power, the average car buyer spends 12 hours or more on the internet researching and then visit at least 3 dealerships. We cut all that down to a phone call and one trip to physically pick up the car. Lastly, most people hate the car buying process in general. With us you can avoid the hassle.

What do you find to be the most valuable advice for car buyers? 

To use my service! Other than that I think the most important thing is to get everything in writing. It’s truly sad, but in this industry if it’s not in writing it might as well have never happened.

What is something people tend to overlook in car buying? 

Every little detail matters. The most important thing when buying a car is the net cost and total cost of ownership. People get tunnel vision on the discount off MSRP or the monthly payment, etc. They accomplish that but still end up a bad deal because a savvy car salesman will pick up on that and use a different part of the deal to make the sale super profitable.

What’s the best advice for someone trading in a car? 

This is a tough one. The trade-in is typically the most profitable part of the whole sale for the dealership. The only way to really get a good deal is to have it appraised at multiple dealerships. Again, the goal is the best net overall deal. It’s not the number on the trade that is so important but the total picture. If you have a trade, I highly recommend using TriState because we will shop your trade to every dealership within a reasonable distance of your home. Dealers would require a normal customer to physically bring the trade to the dealership but we don’t because we have built great rapport with all the local dealers.  Obviously using us saves a ton of time and gets better results.

What is the average savings when going to an auto concierge? 

I can’t really speak on a national average. However, any Auto Concierge company should at least be able to get the customer a great deal. As far as our averages I can definitely give you hard numbers.  We have an aggregate average across all major brands of over 10% off MSRP, which is unheard of. We have some deals that have been nearly 20% discount on a new vehicle.

Why go to TriState over other companies? 

There are the obvious reasons such as the incredible time and money savings opportunity, more important than that would be to experience the absolute best and least stressful car buying experience of your life.

How does the car buying process actually work? 

It’s really simple. When a customer is in the market for a new car they contact us. First we help them narrow down the vehicle they want. Once that has been decided, we go out and negotiate the entire purchase on their behalf including lease, finance, and cash deals, trade in values, and also interest/lease rates. When we have secured the customer the absolute best overall deal, we introduce them to the dealer and they go in and physically pick up the car.

What do you love about your job? 

I have an opportunity to help people on a daily basis. I help turn an otherwise unpleasant experience into the exact opposite. It doesn’t get much better than that.