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Auto Concierge Q & A with Reid Ferris

When it comes to car buying you want to work with people you can trust. Here at TriState we want to give you the best experience and what better way then to introduce to our staff. Today our founder and customer advocate, Reid Ferris, will be answering some common questions, as well as letting you know a little bit about his area of expertise. First a little about Reid. Previous to working for TriState Auto Champs he worked for Subaru for 10 years. It was during his time there that he gained valuable hands on experience, experience that lead him to the concept of a car buying concierge service. It is his thinking that all customers deserve to get a great deal and far too often people end up paying the MSRP or worse, more than the MSRP. It’s always a great day for Reid at TriState Auto Champs when he can offer a stress free car buying experience. Below are some questions the professionals at TriState Auto Champs get asked regularly, and who better to answer than Reid himself.

What are some common misconceptions about auto concierge services? 

Some say a car buying concierge service isn’t necessary because they don’t really understand the advantages.  Why wouldn’t you allow a professional negotiator work for you, which in return saves you money and time. It’s a win win situation for you!

Why go to a TriState Auto Champs versus buying a car on my own? 

Our services are 100% guaranteed and we are the Tristate area’s #1 car buying concierge service!

What is something people tend to overlook in car buying? 

Sometimes, customers focus on the selling price discount and forget the trade value is equally if not more important.  It is the overall net number that is most important.

What’s the best advice for someone trading in a car? 

Don’t do it alone. Please contact TriState Auto Champs even if it’s for advice.

What is the average savings when going to an auto concierge?  

Although there is no set number, we have saved customers up to $8600 and 20% off MSRP, which is unheard of on a new vehicle!

Why go to Tristate over other companies? 

We guarantee the best price and our automotive expertise gives us the negotiating edge.

How does the car buying process actually work?  

TriState Auto Champs, handles the entire transaction including, negotiating the new vehicle price, the trade in value and the finance and lease rates.  This includes shopping the transaction to every local dealership.

What do you love about your job?  

The best part of my job is offering a value service, which in return pays for itself. Another words, the small fee we charge, we guarantee to recoup in the discounted price plus as much as possible. Saving customers, time and money and still offering the best car buying experience ever!