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Who Leases?

Who Leases?

College Grads

Leasing a car is more cost effective for the short term.  The payments are almost always lower.  If you cannot afford to put down money and pay the high monthly payments that accompany ownership, leasing can help bridge the gap until you are ready to buy.  Recent college graduates, and those driving around in cheap, second-hand cars  would especially appreciate the lower payments while they pondered what to do next.  Leasing can also be more accepting of people with bad credit.


Businesspeople who need to impress clients would also benefit from leasing. The typical car lease goes from three to four years. Then, they would have the chance to buy the car, renew the lease, or switch to a new car.   The businessperson would have the opportunity to keep their clients feeling impressed and respected  while keeping their image current.

Low Income and the Elderly

People with low income could use leasing as a way to drive a safe car without having to commit to the steep monthly payments that come along with buying a new car.  Elderly folks who have low income and don’t drive often would find leasing ideal.  They wouldn’t have an abundance of up-keep as they’d always be driving a new car.

The Conscientious

When leasing, one is allotted a certain amount of miles per month before they have to pay a per mile fee (usually after ten to fifteen thousand miles).  Those who work close to home and do a lot of in-city driving would benefit from the low payment rate, whereas someone who drives far and often might want to consider buying. Also, consider how one treats the car they have.  If they’re the type of person who is prone to dings, scratches and dents, they’re probably better off buying.  However, if one is a safe, careful driver then leasing might be more beneficial to them as it will keep them in a new car seemingly forever, and at much cheaper rates than buying.

The Fashionable

Finally, there are those who just want to drive in new, stylish cars.  They are the trendsetters and trend followers.  People who like to stay on top of fashion would find that leasing would keep them current. Whether to lease or buy is a very personal decision, and it comes down to who you are and what you need.  All of the examples I listed are hypothetical, however researched and well thought out.  Always do what’s right for you.  Just make sure you’re informed before you make a final decision.