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Car Buying Concierge

Buying a car is tough process and we’re not just talking about choosing a brand or a model. Negotiating a fair price or even knowing what questions to ask can really impact your car buying experience. However the experience doesn’t have to be stressful, it should be enjoyable and with the car-buying concierge of Tristate Auto Champs in your corner you can find a car you love at a price you can afford.

What is a car-buying concierge?

If you’ve ever been to a fancy hotel, or seen a Wes Anderson film, you probably already have an idea of what a concierge is, but in case you haven’t a concierge works to assist their clients in whatever way possible, Tristate Auto Champs offers an auto-buying concierge service.

Why go to a concierge service?

The professionals at Tristate are highly educated, trained individuals who are going to listen to your needs and help you pick out the right car for you. They know all the little details that make the difference and their experience in car buying and relationships with auto dealers insure you will get the best deal. Unlike the dealerships themselves or auto brokers, Tristate Auto Champs isn’t affiliated with one particular brand, ensuring our only goal is to get you a great price. Most importantly Tristate Auto Champs doesn’t buy or sell any cars, we simply make the best deal possible happen.

What services does Tristate Auto Champs offer?

The two most important parts of car buying are the new car negotiation and the trade-in price, and Tristate Auto Champs is happy to take care of one or both of these processes. We will help remind you why car buying is fun and have you in new wheels before you know it. The best part is we are happy to work for you on your schedule. Don’t have time to visit a bunch of dealers and test drive dozens of cars? No problem, we’ll help you narrow down your choices so when the time comes you only have a few to choose from. Know the car you want but worried about the price? We’ll help with that too, we will shop all the local dealers and we know how to get the best price. Don’t know what your car is worth and don’t want to get low-balled by the dealer? Our used car professionals know what your car is worth and won’t settle for less than you deserve.

Tristate Auto Champs is the service for all your car buying needs. Reach out to the professionals at Tristate today for advice on getting your dream car.