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Compact SUV Comparison

You don’t have to live in Westeros to know winter is coming and with winter comes snow, ice, and harsh road conditions. There is often debate over what car is best in the snow but most people would agree that an SUV is always a good pick. With some many SUVs on the market it can be difficult to read through all the data and pick the best car for you. No need to look any further as the professionals at TriState Auto Champs have done the hard work for you. Below are four of our best SUV picks. The rating have been decided with five key points, price, fuel economy, safety rating, mechanical features, and overall customer satisfaction.  

Subaru Forester: MSRP $23,045

  It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Subaru’s dynamic Forester makes the top of the list. Commonly called “the most sensible SUV” the forester fulfills all the basic needs of a SUV owner and need. Yes, there is large, versatile cargo space, and a spacious interior that should be expected of any SUV but where the Forester shines is dependability. The Forester, like all vehicles under the Subaru umbrella has low cost maintenance over its lifetime. Not only does the Subaru Forester come with the smallest price tag on this list, over its lifetime it will require little maintenance, saving you money, time and headaches.. The Forester also comes standard with all-wheel drive, a 2.5 base liter engine, and 25-27 combined fuel economy. For those who like a little more power behind the wheel there is also the option of a turbo charged engine. With a five star Government Crash Rating and is an IIHS Top Safety+ Pick to round out the features, buying a Forester is a no brainer.  

Honda CR-V: MSRP $24,325

  Honda is another company that promises dependability with their cars and the CR-V is no different. The 2015 CR-V got a major remodel, producing a more luxurious ride and a peppier engine while still offering one of the best mpg, at 28-29 combined mpg, for an SUV on the market. Where the CR-V really stands out is the interior space. The CR-V is smaller than other SUVs on this list but Honda has made the interior spacious and comfortable without sacrificing trunk space or appearance. The CR-V promises low ownership costs, high resale value, and excellent handling, meaning your car will still feel like it’s new years after it’s been purchased. Like the Forester, the CR-V also has a five star Government Crash Rating and is an IIHS Top Safety+ Pick.  

Nissan Rouge: MSRP $25,645

  The Nissan Rouge offers a luxury feel at a very affordable price. The rouge is a compact crossover that comfortably fits five people but can also fit an additional two with an optional third row should you be traveling with a larger group. All this seating space of course means the Rouge will be able to tot almost any cargo the average consumer would need on a daily basis. The rouge also comes standard with front-wheel drive with the option to upgrade to all-wheel drive. The Rouge offers three levels S, SV, SL with each offering a range of upgrades and extras. The engine comes in at four cylinders and soft suspension, which comes in handy when going over cracked roads and potholes. The Nissan Rouge scored four stars in the Government Crash Rating and is an IIHS Top Safety Pick.  

Ford Escape: MSRP $24,345

  If you’re looking to buy an American SUV, look no further than the Ford Escape. The Escape comes standard with two turbocharged four-cylinders ensuring you’ll be speeding out of the dealership and cruising around town instantly. The great thing is that spirited engine is accompanied by top class handling and control, meaning even a driver with a lead foot behind the wheel can expect a relatively smooth ride. While the Escape is the biggest of the four on this list, it feels more like a mid-sized car than an SUV. Ford modeled the Escaped on its smaller sibling the Focus. Like the Focus the Escape has a quality build, versatility and an athletic, energetic feel to it. Overall the Escape gets an average of 23-26 combined mpg and some of the best electronics on this list. The Escape earned four stare out of five from the Government Crash Ratings.  

Whatever car you choose, TriState is here to make sure you get the best price. Reach out to a professional today to learn more about these SUVs and more.