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Inside the Brand: Subaru Spotlight

When it comes to buying a car it’s important to understand the brand. Today we will be exploring Subaru and looking at some of the most popular models.

  Subaru is a Japanese auto-manufacturer best known for utilizing a flat/boxer engine and all-wheel drive on all mid-sized and up vehicles. The most popular models are the Outback, the Forester, the Impreza, and the Legacy.   The basics you can expect from any Subaru are top-notch safety, solid performance, ruggedness, above average fuel economy, premium electronics, and resale value.  


The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has consistently rated Subaru as “good,” their highest rating, across the board. This means Subaru performed exceedingly well in a number of crashes including side, roof strength and head restraints. Models like the Subaru Outback and the Forester were rated especially well for their 2015 models, the basic Outback even includes a rear-view camera with the option to upgrade for a more sophisticated system that automatically detects various traffic hazards.  


One thing that consumers have come to expect from Subaru is quality performance. Their models from the Legacy to Forester all promise steering precision as well as solid performance on all surfaces. You can count on your Subaru to be dependable in all weather conditions and for years to come.  


Smaller models like the Impreza and Legacy offer a rugged exterior in a smaller model, great for new drivers and old. For true off-road enthusiasts the Outback and Forester are ideal. Often compared to other off-road vehicles like Jeeps, Subaru’s tires rarely get stuck and spin in wet grass, mud, and snow.  

Fuel Economy:

The block/flat engine helps solidify the fuel economy superiority of Subaru. The standard 2015 four-cylinder Outback offers about 33 miles per gallon highway and 25 in the city, more than fair for such a large car. The automatic Forester gets an average of 32 miles per gallon on the highway and 24 in the city. The Impreza averages an impressive 36 mpg on the highway and 27 in the city. The legacy offers much of the same with 36 mpg on highway and 26 in the city. It’s important to remember gas efficiency changes depending on automatic or manual, number of cylinders and 2.5 or 3.6 liters.  

Premium Electronics:

It’s 2015, as such it is rare to find a car without Bluetooth capabilities or at least USB connectivity and Subaru is no different. All cars come standard with USB drives, perfect for connecting phones, mp3 devices, and storage drives. There is also an option to include a navigation system, which is easy to use and of course dependable.  

Resale Value:

It is always a good idea to consider the future whenever purchasing a new car. Subaru consistently gets a good resale value so when your ready to sell there is probably another person ready to buy. This is because Subaru’s have proven to last for a number of years. Regardless of whether you want to resell your car, it’s always comforting to know it will stand the test of time.   Overall Subaru has proven itself to be a reliable buy, and certainly has the awards to prove it. Kelly Blue Book named Subaru the Most Trusted Brand, Lowest Cost to Own and Best Resale Value for 2015. The Impreza, Legacy, and The Forester were three of consumer reports top picks for 2015. Subaru was awarded for it’s environmental excellence and was the first automotive plant in the U.S. to achieve zero-landfill status. What does all this mean? You can trust your purchase with Subaru to be the best value in your pocket and on the road.

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