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Myths of Buying a New or Used Vehicle

The world has many “urban legends.” Some of the most enduring myths have to do with buying a new car. Many people’s preconceived notions come from friends or relatives who think they have the key to negotiating a great deal for a new or used car. The fact is that many of these car buying myths just hinder the process of buying a car. Also, many of the ideas about buying cars that people discuss in the break room or at the dinner table are either flat out not true or are simply outdated. Tristate Auto Champs empowers its customers to not only save money, but time and stress. We don’t just provide the tips you need to negotiate the right car at the right price. We do it for you with our 2 step process. One call to us and then one trip to get your new car. That’s why we want to educate you in this blog about the top 3 car-buying myths. We believe that an informed buyer is a better buyer. We hope these 3 myths will make the process easier for the both of us.

Salespeople Don’t Need Manager Approval

When a salesperson goes up to the manager’s desk and confers for what seems like an eternity, you might think that this is but a sales tactic. In truth, a salesperson has limited authority when it comes to discounting a vehicle. If the price goes outside those guidelines, they need approval from their boss to proceed. When you contact us we don’t need to wait for dealer approvals because we negotiate directly with management. By working with us there is less back and forth. We also save our customers a lot more money than they on their own due to the high number of customers we bring to the dealership through our volume negotiations. When they get a call from our office, they know that we are calling to notify them of multiple true buyers in hand ready to take delivery of their desired vehicles.

Bringing in a Cashier’s Check for The Exact Amount You Want to Spend

This approach simply handcuffs you and the dealer, preventing a serious and honest negotiation that takes such factors as taxes, fees, and other variables. If you’ve done your homework, negotiated the best price and have a deal in place, then a cashier’s check in the agreed-to amount will certainly speed you through the Finance Department. The bottom line is this: Most reputable dealerships want to make the car-buying experience a positive and pleasant one. Dealers base their future sales on maintaining their reputation. Plus, they hope you’ll recommend their dealership to all your friends and family; as well as come back and buy another car from them down the road.