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Top 10 Reasons to Choose an Auto Concierge

Buying a car is tough process, and we’re not just talking about choosing a brand or a model. Negotiating a fair price, or even knowing what questions to ask, can really impact your car buying experience. However, the experience doesn’t have to be stressful. It should be enjoyable, and with the car-buying concierge of TriState Auto Champs in your corner, you can find a car you love at a price you can afford. Today we are giving you the top 10 reasons to use an auto concierge service to take care of all your car buying needs.

1. Convenience:

The number one reason people use an auto concierge is convenience. You can pay a professional to find the best price for the exact car you want on your schedule. So long are the days when you have to visit numerous dealerships, do hours of research online, and then sit through a painful negotiation with a business manager. At TriState once you hire us, we’ll call you when we have the best price, and never waste your time. At the end of the day we’ll save you money and time, granting you peace of mind.

2. Knowing Who You’re Working With:

Here at TriState we are transparent. We want our customers to know who we are and our company mission statement before doing business with us. We are more than happy to speak with any possible clients and without the pressures you would experience at a dealership. We won’t try to get you to make a deal that day. We understand buying a car is a big purchase. With an auto concierge you are working one on one with a trained professional instead of with a number of dealerships and sales people. Trusting your auto concierge will help you be more comfortable with a deal you can understand.

3. Making the Most Out of Your Trade-In:

Trade-Ins are always a great way to kill two birds with one stone, you get rid of your old car and theoretically get money off your new one. However, dealerships aim to give you the lowest price on your trade-in possible. While the actual number might not be that low, often dealerships will attempt to take your trade-in value and tack it straight onto your down payment, and this value is often lower than what your car deserves. At TriState we will take car of the trade-in negotiating in addition to getting you the best price on a new car.

4. Market Research:

There is more to getting a good deal than knowing what others have paid for the same car. A bunch of random facts about the car you’re buying and the average price will seldom be all it takes to ensure you get at the best price. There is information that the average customer will not have access to that an auto concierge will, like how long a car has been on the lot, or how many cars the dealership has sold that month. These facts are just a few that can definitely affect the bargaining power when negotiating price. Because TriState has good working relationships with dealerships across the board, and the most up to date information on cars, they can provide the research necessary to close the deal, more so than anyone could hope to find themselves.

5. Actual Savings:

The idea of an auto concierge sounds great in theory but do you really need someone to buy a car for you, is it a logical expense? The answer is always yes. The savings made up by using an auto concierge will pay for the expense itself. At TriState the aggregate average is 10% off MSRP, a value virtually unheard of when negotiating with a dealer, let alone the 20% off that we have provided on a new vehicle in the past. TriState has a proven record of savings, making the decision to use us easy.

6. Trained Professionals:

If an auto concierge business is going to call themselves an expert, they better be able to prove it.  Here at TriState we have the experience and relationships to backup our business. Collectively as a team we have decades of experience in the automotive industry and we are happy to apply that experience to help our customers. We know cars, and we know a good deal, that’s why letting us help you is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

7. No Hidden Fees:

Many firms will call themselves auto concierge services, or auto brokers but in reality they are just an extension of the dealership. These same businesses may be charging you a flat fee but on the backend will make a substantial amount of profits from dealerships, selling your information and convincing you to make a deal that more often than not isn’t in you’re best interest. At TriState our only alliance is to our customers. Our fees stay the same throughout the entirety of the car buying process and we do not sell any information to anyone.

8. Best Rates:

Arguably the most important aspect when buying a car is the financing. Dealerships will try to convenience you to sign high interest deals that have cleverly been masked behind auto jargon. Most buyers alone don’t have the wherewithal to negotiate these finance deals, or even know where to look for a better deal. At TriState we shop finance rates, looking only at the banks and dealers offering the best options for you. Don’t end up spending thousands more over the lifetime of your finance deal because you opted for lesser monthly payments over a longer period at a high interest rate. Remember it isn’t your monthly payments but the overall price you are paying for a car, if you’re not looking at how interest factors in you are throwing away money.

9. All in Writing:

The difference between a car buying professional and an average buyer is a professional knows how to work with the dealership. Any car dealer worth his weight in salt will make you a number of promises but will fail to follow through. The rule of thumb when working with a dealership is to get everything in writing. At TriState, we will ensure you won’t be fed empty promises and unrealistic prices, our deals are always in writing and explained to you.

10. On Your Side:

The main difference between an auto concierge, and a car dealer is that an auto concierge professional is on your side. Unlike a car salesman at a dealership, how much money you spend doesn’t influence how much money we make. Auto dealers need to sell you cars for as much money possible but at TriState we have a fixed price that doesn’t change, our end goal isn’t to make more money, it’s to save you as much as possible.   The professionals at TriState have the time to research the deals, the resources to get the best price, and know how to fight with the dealers for you, so why don’t you let us.

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